09-13 November 2022 D-40




Feature filmsDramaEnglish subtitles
Emmanuelle BERCOT

120’ / approved for all audiences


A man (Benoît Magimel) too young condemned to die of a fatal disease, the suffering of a mother faced with the inevitable reality (Catherine Deneuve), the devotion of a doctor (Dr Sara in his own role) and a nurse (Cécile de France) as they accompany both son and mother on this journey. One year, four seasons to dance with the disease, to tame it, understand it and understand what it means to be dying while living.
Director’s notes: excerpt

“ This film happened because of a happy coincidence. I wanted to make a melodrama and work again with Catherine Deneuve and Benoit Magimel. The idea came to me of a mother facing the death of her son. I did not know much about the subject except that if someone young does not happen to die in an accident before 40, the cause of death could be cancer. So I became interested in making a movie about cancer which affects so many people around us. And here is the coincidence. I met Dr Sara (who plays the cancerologist in the film) in New York at the screening of my other movie, “La tête Haute”.
After the screening, Dr Sara insisted on meeting me because he enjoyed the movie and my comments during the Q & A. He thought I might be interested in the work he was doing on cancer in the trenches at the hospital. When you see the movie you realize that Dr Sara is an extremely inspiring, warm, and kind person. Because I believe in “happy coincidences” . I immediately made the connection for the idea of my next movie. When I spent a week with him a year later at his hospital, I understood that the two worlds could connect: the work of this doctor and the story of a mother as she loses her son and his own journey towards death “

Friday 1 April 19:00 - 21:00DGA New York Theater
DirectorEmmanuelle BERCOT.
CastCatherine DENEUVE, Benoït MAGIMEL, Gabriel SARA, Cécile DE FRANCE, Oscar MORAN, Lou PAMPROS, Mélissa GEORGE and Clément DUCOL.
ScreenplayEmmanuelle BERCOT and Marcia ROMANO.
CinematographerYves CAPE.
EditorJulien LELOUP.
MusicEric NEVEUX.
SoundPierre ANDRÉ.
ProductionLes Films du Kiosque and Studio Canal.

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