09-13 November 2022 D-40


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“Without it being a goal that I set myself, my films to date have been based on or have dealt with true stories. So they go through a long phase of immersion and investigation before I can see if a subject that interests, intrigues or troubles me can actually give rise to a film. Goliath is no exception”  Frederic Tellier, Director
The movie as seen by Frédéric Tellier
Patrick is a tenacious lawyer specializing in environmental law. France is a school teacher who becomes an activist after her husband develops cancer from exposure to a pesticide.
Mathias is an ambitious lobbyist working for an international chemical corporation. The paths of these characters collide as the lives of thousands are affected by a tragic act that sparks a powerful movement while the corporation fights to prevent the truth from being revealed.
Director’s notes: excerpt
“ I came across this issue of pesticides by chance while reading a little book that was not exclusively about pesticides, but more broadly reported on the agricultural environment and what we eat. I thought that this report on the state of agriculture, our civilisation, our way of consuming, our ability not to see the chaos around us actually reflected our individual and collective history. I then embarked on an investigation that lasted more or les 5 years because the industry is not particularly transparent. There are very few books that talk about the lobby movement, and very few agrochemical lobbyists, so-called committed politicians or specialized journalists who are willing to tell their stories.”

Saturday 2 April 15:30 - 17:32DGA New York Theater

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