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The movie as seen by Flore Vasseur
For 6 years, 18 year old Melati has been fighting against the plastic polluting and ravaging her country, Indonesia.
A whole generation like her is rising to repair the world. Everywhere adolescents and young adults are fighting for human rights , climate change, free expression, social justice and access to education and food….Dignity.
Alone against everyone, sometimes at the risk of their life and safety, they are protecting , denouncing and are taking care of others… Earth. And they are changing everything.
Melati goes around the world to meet others to understand and pursue her cause. From Rio’s favelas to Malawi’s remote villages, to the island of Lesbos, to the ceremonies of Indigenous people in the mountains of Colorado. Rene, Mary, Xiu, Memory, Mohamad and Winnie reveal to us a magnificent world, that of courage,  joy and commitment for that which is bigger than us. When everything seems to be falling apart, this youth is showing us how to live and what it really means to be part of this world today.
Director’s notes: excerpt
“Bigger than us is a film about youth ; their awareness and their refusal to allow the world to sink. It is also a film about the fragility and the beauty of life on this planet, our commun good; where there is joy in acting and fighting together to succeed. Despite everything, it is a film about freedom and the choice for each of us to act. Bigger than us is also an image of this youth in action and its fight around the themes of social justice , climate urgency, the rights of women and access to nutrition and education.“

Sat 2 April11:00 - 12:36 DGA New York Theater
DirectionFlore VASSEUR.
CastMelati WIJSEN, Mohamad AL JOUNDE and Memory BANDA.
ScreenplayFlore VASSEUR and Melati WIJSEN.
CinematographerChristophe OFFENSTEIN.
EditorAurélie JOURDAN.
MusicRémi BOUBAL.
ProductionElvézir Films, Big Mother Productions and All you need is prod .

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