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Cyril DION

105’ / approved for all audiences

The movie as seen by Cyril Dion

Bella and Vipulan are 16 years old, a generation persuaded that their future is threatened. Climate change, extinction of 6% of animal species….. Within 50 years their world coud become unlivable. They ring the alarm but nothing really changes. So they decide to go to the source of the problem: our relationship to the living world. Along this extraordinary voyage they come to understand that we are profoundly linked to all other species. By saving them we are also saving ourselves. Humans are part of nature because they are also an animal.
Director’s notes- excerpt

“In  2014 when I made the film “Demain” with Mélanie Laurent,  we had the opportunity to meet and interview Anthony Barnosky and Liz Hadly, two scientists from Stanford university specializing in the study of species. While listening to them and doing my own research I came to understand what scientists around the world call the sixth mass extinction. The last time that so many species disappeared in so many numbers and so quickly was during the time of the dinosaurs. Not only does this situation endanger our existence but it makes us think about our place on this planet. Given all the discoveries on the intelligence and feelings of animals, do humans have the right to colonize the earth and eradicate voluntarily or involuntarily all forms of life on the planet?  Initially with this movie we tried to understand how we got into this situation and what are the solutions."

Friday 1 April 11:00 - 12:45DGA New York Theater
DirectorCyril DION.
CastBella LACK and Vipulan PUVANESWARAN.
ScreenplayCyril DION and Walter BOUVAIS.
CinematographerAlexandre LÉGLISE.
EditorSandie BOMPAR.
ProductionCapa Studio, Bright Bright Bright, UGC, Orange Studio and France 2 Cinéma.

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