When New York was called New Angoulême

The original idea for this festival was born from a compelling historical fact: in 1524, the Florentine explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano named the historical site of New Angoulême, which later became… New York City! The name refers to the French town of Angoulême, which Verrazzano chose to honor his patron King Francis I of France, who had been Count of Angoulême from 1496 until his coronation in 1515.

As of this year, Angoulême and New York will be linked again via the Festival du Film Francophone d’Angoulême (FFA), the first of its kind to export itself overseas under the name of French Cinema Week NYC.

During the 6 day-long festival, New York City will once again become New Angoulême, and spectators will be transported to a new place through the magic of film.

This project would not be possible without the vision and proven track record of industry leaders and FFA co-founders, Dominique Besnehard and Marie-France Brière.


Our mission at French Cinema Week NYC is to:

Inspire & Inform
Bringing a curated selection from the Festival du Film Francophone d’Angoulême will allow us to expose an American audience to the very best of recent Francophone cinema. All of the screenings will be U.S. Premieres with English subtitles, presented by the actors and directors who made them.

The festival will offer a high-end cultural experience, revolving around gourmet food, wine and spirits, luxury goods, and new technologies, such as virtual reality

French Cinema Week is committed to education, and will organize targeted events for students, including Q&As and master classes with visiting actors, directors and professionals in the industry. Special screenings for students, semester-long internships, and volunteering opportunities will be presented during the festival.


Dominique Besnehard

Casting Director, Agent, Producer… Dominique Besnehard has spent his whole life working in the film industry, discovering and representing international stars, like Juliette Binoche, or producing worldwide hits such as the TV series Call My Agent! (Dix pour cent). He is the co-founder of the Festival du Film Francophone d’Angoulême (FFA).

Marie-France Brière

Before co-founding the FFA, Marie-France Brière led a highly successful career in French radio and television, where she launched several hit programs (L’école des fans, Fort Boyard), and endorsed renowned hosts such as Patrick Sebastien.

Marie-José Hunter

Co-founder French Cinema Week NYC

Laurence Teinturier

Co-founder French Cinema Week NYC



Coming soon… stay tuned!